Frequently Asked Questions

Your Parcelfound subscription is non-binding and can be cancelled at any time. To cancel your Parcelfound subscription, simply go to our cancellation page (link to cancellation page) and indicate the email address you used when you subscribed to Parcelfound. Your Parcelfound subscription will then be automatically cancelled. Visit our Cancellation page and indicate the email address with which you have taken out your Parcelfound subscription. Your Parcelfound subscription will then be automatically cancelled.
If you see Parcelfound appearing on your account statement, it is because you have subscribed to the services of Parcelfound. Your Parcelfound subscription can be cancelled at any time.
You will not be charged any fees following the termination of your Parcelfound subscription, the termination of your subscription is completely free and instantaneous.
Px-Parcelfound advisers are available Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm to answer all your calls. You can also contact the Px-Parcelfound advisors:
  • By phone at +44 2 080 681 599
  • By mail to [email protected]
  • Via the form on our contact page.
You will find the General Terms and Conditions of your subscription directly on the marcand website.
Normally Parcelfound teams provide you with the invoice of your purchase when you took out your subscription. Check your emails and make sure you check your spam.

An After-Sales Service at your service

At sav-mesdocu, we have one main objective : that each of our interlocutors leave feeling understood and helped. To achieve this, we have decided to do some fundamental work on our ability to listen.

Communication is the key to success, especially in the after-sales service sector. It involves listening to your problems and getting along well with the team members.

Motivation as a driving force

Each member of the sav-mesdocu team was chosen because they were sincerely motivated. Leaving a problem unresolved or a question unanswered is not an option for us. Doing our job properly and feeling useful is essential.

by telephone from on +44 2 080 681 599 (Free call from a landline)

by email at the following address: [email protected]

Via the contact form on the contact page.