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Px-Parcelfound is your after-sales service to cancel your Parcelfound subscription.


Advisors available 7 days

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An answer to your questions within 48 hours

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An After-Sales Service at your service

At sav-mesdocu, we have one main objective : that each of our interlocutors leave feeling understood and helped. To achieve this, we have decided to do some fundamental work on our ability to listen.

Communication is the key to success, especially in the after-sales service sector. It involves listening to your problems and getting along well with the team members.

Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I cancel my Parcelfound subscription?


    Why does Parcelfound appear on my account statement?


    Will I be charged for cancelling my Parcelfound subscription?

All Questions

Who are we?

This Parcelfound After-Sales Service site has been created to help and guide you in your Parcelfound mobile geolocation service.

Px-Parcelfound is an independent site, specially designed to provide you with an efficient and professional after-sales service. Our team is trained to respond to all requests concerning Parcelfound.

On this site you will find a FAQ, which answers the questions we are most frequently asked. You will also find all the information you need to contact us. Finally, you will find a form to fill in in order to cancel your subscription to Parcelfound.

by telephone from on +44 2 080 681 599 (Free call from a landline)

by email at the following address: [email protected]

Via the contact form on the contact page.